A few weeks ago, we had the unique opportunity to photograph a lifestyle session to be published in a book. We love to work with other artists, designers and writers and we are thrilled to be a part of this project. Deborah Brennan is the author and she is an amazing warm person with so much wisdom to share. She is working on publishing her book called “Labours of Love” which should be coming out next October, a year from now. It is a book about Canadian Adoption Perspectives and is one of it’s kind in Canada. We are really looking forward to the stories she has to tell from interviewing families across Canada and to hear real life people talk about their experiences. Hopefully, this will be a book that will remove some of the stigma that surrounds adoption and open our minds and hearts to this topic.

Stay tuned in the spring for further news on this project!
We’ll be sure to post a link and photos of the book when it comes out.

Thanks, Deborah! We are so grateful to be working with you. We wish you much success with your book and look forward to reading it!

And as we always like to post with a photo, here is one of the many chalk drawings that have graced our driveway this summer.
Child Chalk Drawing

We also want to thank our fellow photographer, Mike Dickson of Photos for Life for his referral to us for this Lifestyle session.

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Here are some latest pics of our new office after we moved in. It seems to suit the room so much better that we can’t even remember what it looked like before anymore! It really is amazing how much a space can be transformed. Sam and I are firm believers that the design and function of a room can really change the way you live and work. And we have a feeling this place will be a more efficient, better place to work and hang out . Some of you may know, before photography, this was one of our other passions so it was great to work on something like this.

Welcome to our lounge!

Office Reno 11

Office Reno 12

This is where all the magic happens… 4.27 sqft of LCD, 21 electrical devices, 5 keyboards, 4 mice, about a mile of cable and of course, we can’t forget the remote control mood lighting πŸ™‚

Office Reno 13

Office Reno 14

Office Reno 15

After painting this room, I couldn’t stop, so slowly the rest of the rooms upstairs are getting a new coat of colour as well.

p.s. Don’t leave me alone with a paint brush!


Edited to add: Did I mention, Debbie Travis, is our all time favorite designer/decorator? If we were to hire anyone to do our room, it would be her! So, now you know πŸ™‚ You can check out her website.

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After a week of sweat (no blood, thankfully, but maybe a few tears!), take-out food and numerous trips to the hardware store, we are so glad to say we made it! I had no idea how good it would feel to complete a project like this together and to now enjoy the fruits of our labour. We are settling in and love our new office space. We’re glad we were crazy enough to do this seeing that this is our first time doing a reno project ever! To us, it really is about overcoming our fear and just going for it. The learning process is what we gained most from this experience and it was actually a lot of fun solving problems and seeing the result in the end. So worth it!

Here are a few quick shots we took along the way: Our project was to combine two small bedrooms into a new bigger space for our office.

Come inside and have a peek!
Office Reno 1

Empty room after we removed the doors and carpets.
Office Reno 2

Taking down the wall was so much fun… a little muscle…
Office Reno 3

…a crowbar and a box of chocolate covered almonds:
Office Reno 4

Office Reno 5

Our friend, Dan, handyman extraordinaire, helped supply the big muscles:
Office Reno 6

Office Reno 7

Office Reno 8

Our future interior designers looking in on the scene and giving us a hand:
Office Reno 9

Office Reno 10

Thank you to all our friends and neighbours who have come to check on us, give us advice, cheer us on and lend us tools! We are overwhelmed by your friendship and support. Will post part 2 next week!


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Today is our last day before we are back to work, and it is also the day we celebrate our 7th anniversary! Seven years ago today we got married to each other not knowing what to expect, other than we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. The weather was much warmer than it is today and the fall leaves were at their peak in terms of colour. There was a bit of light showers in the morning, and when we stepped outside, the skies parted and was the perfect backdrop to a beautiful fall wedding. We were young and naive, and now 7 years later, we got more than we could ask for. A best friend and companion, partner in crime, and someone who can be our mirrors and help each other to grow to become our very best, emotionally and creatively. Happy anniversary, babe!

Here are some of our wedding photos I managed to dig up. I shot these photos through the glass frame it was in so a bit hazy, but great to look back at us 7 years ago:

wedding pic 2

wedding pic 3

My favorite image so far as it really captures us:
wedding pic 1

This past week, we’ve been working hard together renovating our new office space and it’s been so much fun. We will post reno photos later this week, but here’s one of us just having fun with the camera and goofing off while we should be working. πŸ™‚

Us, 7 years later:
love painting


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Things have been a little chaotic (but always fun!) here to say the least, and thus, the lack of posts the past week. It has been a busy summer and the fall has certainly not settled down for us. Besides photography, this weekend we have decided to take on our first renovation project together. We’ve been gearing up for this the past month, but this weekend most of the remodelling work was to be done on our new office space. It’s going to look great, so check back to see some photos we will be posting on our progress!

This week we will also be on vacation, but will have access to our computers and emails, so if you have contacted us by email or phone, it may take us a little longer to get back to you. It is our anniversary week, and sam and I are spending time together working, resting, and playing together as a family (in no particular order :). We will get back to you shortly, thanks for your patience!

Here is the sunset view looking out from our backyard. The photo taken is from our upstairs room.

Weathervane on Neighbour’s House

Sunset view from backyard

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating in Canada! πŸ™‚

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Here are some photos sam took at the gorgeous wedding of Denise and David. Everything about this wedding was beautiful right down to the amazing details. David is a pilot, so it was wonderful to see them incorporate an airplane theme throughout their wedding.

D&D airport

Some details shots…
D&D details purse shoe

D&D Dress

Love these of the bride glowing and getting ready on her big day!
D&D getting ready 1

D&D getting ready 2

D&D bride

D&D church

Here is one of their bridal party. I love the unique place they decided to have their photos taken.
D&D bridal party

D&D bride groom

The banquet hall was an old aircraft hanger which laid the backdrop for the amazing details.
D&D details 1

D&D details 2

D&D wedding cake

D&D the happy couple

It couldn’t have ended more beautifully with their first dance.
D&D Dance 2

D&D Dance

Thank you, Denise and David, for allowing me to capture your day! You treated me like your special guest and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding and even more so, to have met you both. You are both extremely hospitable and your warmth is infectious!


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The first day of fall is always an exciting time for us. We love the season and prospects of new things to come. Fall is a great time for change as we dream and plan of projects and activities to keep us busy over the long cold winters. It’s a time of quiet and calm after a fun and busy summer. So, I thought it was appropriate to say a farewell and goodbye to summer.

All summer these are the wildflowers across our street that we would visit and play in. They are overgrown in an empty lot where house construction will soon take place and by winter will be a home for a new family. We will surely miss these wild things that grow.

Happy first day of fall!

wildflower 1

wildflower 2

wildflower 3

wildflower 4

wildflower 5

wildflower 6

wildflower 7

wildflower 7

wildflower 7

wildflower 8

wildflower 9

wildflower 10

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It’s been a while since sam has made an appearance on this blog, so here goes! After my mini session at the beach, I thought it was time to turn the cameras on sam. Here are some portrait shots I took of him. Isn’t he a hottie? We love to take photos and being in front of the camera is a great way to get better at taking photos! It’s challenging and great fun!

sam at the beach 3

sam at the beach 2

These are two of my faves:

sam at the beach 4

sam at the beach 1

sam at the beach 5

sam at the beach 6

I love this action shot!

sam at the beach 7

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Three Paper Pigs Card Shoppe

Three Paper Pigs specializes in custom invitations, announcements and everyday note cards. All designs in our card shoppe can be customized to fit the occasion you are celebrating, whether it be a girly soiree or luncheon, baby shower, princess tea party, birthday luau, bbq, cocktail party or an evening dinner under dimly lit lanterns hanging from your backyard tree. Our cards are colorful morsels of art that reflect the heart of imagination. We highly encourage you to think of a reason to socialize so we can design a card just for you.

For all of you who are planning a special event or party, we highly recommend Three Paper Pigs for your custom invitations, announcements and cards. Jeanne, is the owner and creator of Three Paper Pigs. She also is the one who designed our new logo, which we are thrilled about. She is pleasant to work with and has plenty of ideas. I just love her cards designs!

On her online card shoppe you can order anything from save-the-date cards to bridal shower invitations to cards to invite your friends to be part of your bridal party! She also has designs for baby showers, to a child’s birthday party and cards for everyday occasions to celebrate! Go check her out!

Here are a few shown on her website:

Wedding Announcement stdΒ cardΒ  Wedding Shower Card Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Three Paper Pigs 4 Birthday Card Ocean

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We’re up late working tonight, so thought I’d share a song I came across while hooking up with a friend of ours. We’ll introduce, Jeanne, from Three Paper Pigs next week, but for now this song really struck me tonight. I like what this song speaks about. Songs like these are perfect on a rainy friday night and have a way of making me reflect on life. Always a good thing.

Have a great weekend!

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mary 1

Okay, so I’ve been dying (haha. pun intended!) for a change and as part of my birthday gift, sam thought it would be nice to book me a hair appointment with my hairdresser. I had been talking about getting highlights for a while and never got around to actually doing it. And it was the perfect push I needed. My hairdresser is awesome, so she recommended I go with a hint of red and copper (like most girls get with black hair). I, on the other hand, was more thinking of pink or blue or purple, and she kept asking, “are you sure?” The pink she had was a very hot pink, so I asked her to add some plum and violet to it. It was a custom colour and she said it’s bold. I told her yes, it’s perfect! So, 3 hours later, this is what I got and all the ladies in the store grew so attached to the colour after working on it. Every girl needs a little bit of pink! What do you all think? πŸ™‚

Here are some more pictures sam took of me at the beach with my new ‘do’.

mary at the beach pink hair 2

mary at the beach pink hair 3

mary at the beach pink hair 4

mary at the beach pink hair 5

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The Wave
Renoir The Wave

We were very lucky to have caught the Renoir Landscapes 1865-1883 before the exhibit ended yesterday at the National Art Gallery of Canada, its only Canadian city venue. It featured 60 of Renoir’s most beautiful landscape paintings. Pierre-Auguste Renoir, is a leading member of the Impressionists, who revolutionized landscape painting by choosing to paint outdoors instead of in the studio. The Wave is one of my faves. Here are some more of his paintings from the Ottawa Renoir Landscape exhibit website:

View of Bougival
Renoir View of Bougival

Picking Flowers
Renoir Picking Flowers

The Skiff
Renoir The Skiff

The Mussel Harvest
Renoir The Mussel Harvest

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weddingbells ad 480

A couple of weeks ago, we got our hands on our own copy of the newly released Weddingbells issue (Fall/Winter 07) and we were excited, frantically flipping through it, to find our ad on page 402! If you don’t have a copy yet, they should be available at your local bookstore. Or if you are getting married and would like a copy, feel free to email us at: info@samandmaryphotography.com and we can set aside one for you, or pick up a copy when you are dropping by!

weddingbells cover FW07 - 300

Happy Planning!

much love,
sam and mary

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Over the long weekend, sam and I managed to watch this movie based on the best-selling book, “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman. These are the kind of movies I love to watch. It is really inspirational and challenges the way we think and offers many lessons that we can all learn and apply.Β  One lesson that stuck out for us is how the journey is much more important than the destination and to enjoy our experience in this part of our journey now.Β  So true!

It is not on the top ten movies list, but definitely worth watching!

Peaceful Warrior poster

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We are very excited about a new product we are offering to our wedding clients this year. These genuine Italian full-grain leather albums feel good and are one of the best we’ve found in the industry. They also feature beautifully printed flush-mount pages that allows you to open the album and have the pages completely lay flat! What we love most about these albums is that they are simple, yet hot, modern, and classy.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one in a few weeks! They are going be absolutely stunning! Here are some photos to show you what we mean.

Wedding Album 1

Wedding Album 2

Wedding Album 3

Wedding Album 4

Wedding Album 5

Wedding Album 6

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This friday, we’re back to our regular scheduled programming… πŸ™‚

We happened to dig up this song again, while searching for something else for a wedding client of ours and are loving it! On this week’s playlist for sure is Alicia Key’s “Unbreakable.” Love this girl’s voice, her songs, lyrics and groove! Totally makes me wish I could sing and move like that. Hope you enjoy this video!

Not a late night party night for us. We’re going to take the rest of the night to relax and be off to bed early tonight. Sam has to be up early and refreshed for a wedding he is shooting tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

l0ve, mary

I’ve always loved apple. Yes, the fruit too. I remember growing up, we didn’t have much, but our first family computer was an Apple IIe computer that was shared amongst the six kids. Naturally, my brothers took up most of the time on there and are now all successful with desk jobs that utilizes their computer skills. In short, they are all computer-techy geeks, including sam, so he fits in quite well. I, on the other hand, was a late bloomer in the computer field. Better late than never is what I think.

my two macs

I got my very own laptop, a modest, 12″ ibook G4, which I was completely head over heels with a couple of years ago. Sam swears that I would take that laptop to bed with me if I could, but that is exaggerating… a little.

(An aside: sam has trouble accepting the fact that “exaggerating” is spelled with two g’s. And why does ‘maggot’ and ‘goggle’ have a ‘hard g’ sound, when ‘exaggerating’ is pronounced with a ‘soft g’ sound?? If you think you know, please help explain!)

Back to my story though, I was thrilled to own my very first apple mac computer and had no intentions of giving her up. Sam though has noticed that since we’ve been busier with our photography business, I’ve been doing a lot more work scrunched over the tiny screen for hours (a burden I was willing to bear, for my clients of course!). It also didn’t have all the applications I needed and the power to work with photos at fast speeds.

Last week, I celebrated my thirty third birthday. Yah! Sam surprised me with this and I could not believe how excited I can be over a piece of machine, but I was! It is just so pretty looking! (okay, I had to add that! πŸ˜‰

my newest mac

For a while, we had been putting off looking at a new computer for me to do all my work until the money came in. And, I can never justify spending on something like this for me, even if we had the money! There’s always something we can put the money towards. But, it still takes me by surprise how God seems to provide us with more than we could ask for! Now, I can better serve our clients as it already has improved my work flow and space. I feel so blessed to have sam as my partner in crime, I mean, in life and business. He is an amazing person in his own right, but also a wonderful husband, dad, and business partner. Thanks sam! You sure knew the way to a woman’s heart!


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Meet Angel and Jamile. We are so blessed to have met Angel and Jamile a few months back when they were searching for a photographer for their wedding. Amazing, it was like we were old friends and we both knew right away we would be a good fit. They are one of the most generous, honest, genuine and happy couples we know. It’s always a treat to listen to them tell us about how they met as it’s such a unique love story. Kinda like a fairytale love story with a happy ending! It’s been fun to get to know them so far, and we are sooooo excited for their wedding coming up next week! It’s going to be a great time!

Here are some images of their engagement/anniversary session from a few weeks ago.

angel jamile 8

angel jamile 2

This one would make a great CD cover:

angel jamile 3

We love, love these shots of them. Don’t they look hot!

angel jamile 4

angel jamile 5

So accidentally in love.

angel jamile 7

They had so many great images, I could keep posting all night… one more.

Love the light in this one!

angel jamile 6

J & A: thanks so much for a wonderful session! We knew you had it in you, you guys look amazing! Can’t wait to be a part of your big day!

Enjoy your journey together…

much love,
mary (& sam)

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It’s officially monday so I can blog….

If you’ve been to our website, most of you would have noticed our new logo! (just haven’t had time to change things on our blog, so here goes…)

Hope you like the new image! We’re hoping to change that up every so often to keep things fresh. We’ve got a few more ideas to work on, but that will have to wait till maybe end of this year. We’re excited about “the buzz” so let us know what you think. The buzz is going to be a place to connect with you, our friends, and all the wonderful people we get the privilege of meeting and capturing that make us look so good.

We can’t thank enough all awesome people we’ve worked with in the past and of course, those we get to work with now and in the near future, for your trust and friendship that enables us to do what we do. And we are grateful to our blog readers, and those who support us with your encouragement, friendship and rave, so that we can continue to pursue what we love to do! It’s our labour of love!

the buzz header

sam and mary

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We spent the most of the day at the beach and hung out with some friends of ours. It was so good to soak in the sun, sand, and water. We watched the clouds roll by leaving the sun to warm our skin, while thinking of nothing but summer. Why waste it?

There were lots of young couples at the beach, but there was something special about this couple we were hanging out with. Perhaps, it was the way they looked at each other and spoke to each other. Or maybe it was their smiles that revealed a chemistry. Whatever it was, it was very obvious that there was something in the air. And though they are almost as old as us, it was as if they were still 21 and in love!

This one goes out to you two (you know who you are!) and all the rest of you lovers out there!

Happy Friday!

much love,
sam and mary

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