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Last week I didn’t get to finish posting our favorites from our family session with the Laroche’s. There were so many great indoor shots as they had a beautiful home, ideal for photos with large windows and lots of natural light.

Here are two we took with their newly painted wall:

laroche 1

laroche 2

And some outdoors…

laroche 3

laroche 4

laroche 5

laroche 6

laroche 7

Our session ended, but Mia kept wanting to sit there all afternoon playing with the leaves! We had time to just enjoy the perfect afternoon with them afterwards.

M&C: We can only wait and see all the wonderful things that are in store for you guys as a family. Thanks for allowing us to be a small part of your lives!

sam and mary

your Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Here are some photos Sam and I took in the fall for the Laroche family. We had photographed Christine’s maternity session last winter and we were all surprised when their little baby girl arrived. Mia, is just the most sweet, serene and contented baby and she was so excited when she saw us with the camera.

Mia 1

Those eyes!

Mia 2

Nothing prettier than a girl in pink tutus.

Mia 3

Mia 4

I love these next two with their family cat (formerly only child) who has a personality all his own.

Mia 5

Mia 6

My favorite relaxed family photo of them:

Mia 7

Mia 8

Mia 9

Mia 10

M&C: You both have such a beautiful family and we can see how Mia has a lot of you both in her. Thanks so much for a fabulous time we had. You guys are such model parents and make it look way too easy! It couldn’t have been a sweeter session and we look forward to seeing your family grow.

much love,
sam and mary

p.s You’ll have to check back later for part 2 with their outdoor photos!

Note: If you, or anyone you know, is looking for baby or family photos, feel free to send us an email for more information!

Recently, we had the pleasure of photographing a family session for the wonderful Campbell family. They are such a sweet, gentle and beautiful family and we couldn’t be more happy to show them the photos from their session. When they mentioned they had two girls, and after getting to know them more, we knew exactly what we wanted to do with their session.

The weather was so unpredictable that day, with the clouds hovering about, not being sure what they wanted to do. We got a bit of everything from gloomy clouds, to light rain, to winds, and it finally ended with blazing sun. It really made for beautiful dramatic photos though!

There were so many to choose from, but here are a few of our faves:

Campbell 2

I love everything about the next two photos of the sisters!
Campbell 1

Campbell 3

This one is equally endearing, I couldn’t resist posting…
Campbell 4

The beautiful, Amelia.
Campbell 5

And the adorable, Katelyn:
Campbell 6

Campbell 7

Campbell 8

Of course, we had to have some fun family shots!
Campbell 9

Campbell 10

To Jen & John:Β  Thank you so much for trusting us to capture these moments of your family. It is always so nice when we get clients that trust our vision and you guys all made it such a fun session! We are lucky to have met you and adore your little girls!

much love,
your Ottawa Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago, we had the unique opportunity to photograph a lifestyle session to be published in a book. We love to work with other artists, designers and writers and we are thrilled to be a part of this project. Deborah Brennan is the author and she is an amazing warm person with so much wisdom to share. She is working on publishing her book called “Labours of Love” which should be coming out next October, a year from now. It is a book about Canadian Adoption Perspectives and is one of it’s kind in Canada. We are really looking forward to the stories she has to tell from interviewing families across Canada and to hear real life people talk about their experiences. Hopefully, this will be a book that will remove some of the stigma that surrounds adoption and open our minds and hearts to this topic.

Stay tuned in the spring for further news on this project!
We’ll be sure to post a link and photos of the book when it comes out.

Thanks, Deborah! We are so grateful to be working with you. We wish you much success with your book and look forward to reading it!

And as we always like to post with a photo, here is one of the many chalk drawings that have graced our driveway this summer.
Child Chalk Drawing

We also want to thank our fellow photographer, Mike Dickson of Photos for Life for his referral to us for this Lifestyle session.

your Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Meet Angel and Jamile. We are so blessed to have met Angel and Jamile a few months back when they were searching for a photographer for their wedding. Amazing, it was like we were old friends and we both knew right away we would be a good fit. They are one of the most generous, honest, genuine and happy couples we know. It’s always a treat to listen to them tell us about how they met as it’s such a unique love story. Kinda like a fairytale love story with a happy ending! It’s been fun to get to know them so far, and we are sooooo excited for their wedding coming up next week! It’s going to be a great time!

Here are some images of their engagement/anniversary session from a few weeks ago.

angel jamile 8

angel jamile 2

This one would make a great CD cover:

angel jamile 3

We love, love these shots of them. Don’t they look hot!

angel jamile 4

angel jamile 5

So accidentally in love.

angel jamile 7

They had so many great images, I could keep posting all night… one more.

Love the light in this one!

angel jamile 6

J & A: thanks so much for a wonderful session! We knew you had it in you, you guys look amazing! Can’t wait to be a part of your big day!

Enjoy your journey together…

much love,
mary (& sam)

your Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

What a fun weekend we’ve had so far. Gotta love summer! We had a wonderful Father’s Day. Hope all you dads had just as much fun celebrating what an amazing thing it is to be a father!

To start off the weekend, we had a fabulous session with Nicole. Here are a few from Nicole’s session (more to come!).

Nicole, thanks for totally trusting us and being so open to our ideas. You are such a kind and wonderful person and we had so much fun with your photo session! You are so unique and that is what we love about you. Everything from your fiery red hair, to your leopard print dress, to belly dancing in public, you really are yourself and we hope we’ve captured you in these photos!

much love,
mary (and sam)

Nicole 3

Nicole 2a

nicole 4b

nicole 5

nicole 6

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Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Another great session this past weekend, and we had to post a few images from Jaden’s session. It was so much fun lugging furniture everywhere and dodging security guards. Something you’ll often find us doing on our photo sessions πŸ™‚

Jaden, you have such a wonderful and sweet personality. You are beautiful both inside and out and we are so glad to have the chance to capture who you are. Thanks for the being a true star and so down-to-earth. We wish you all the best!

much love,
mary (& sam)

p.s. here are a few photos and we hope to show you the rest soon!

jaden with chair

Jaden 2

Jaden 4

jaden on stairs

jaden 5

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Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s session with Maria, and yes, that includes horses! We love the creativity she brought to this session. Thanks, Maria, for being so unique and personal. Your confidence to truly be yourself and follow your passions is inspiring. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing that with us, as we have had such a great time capturing you. You are truly the girl at the rock show!

much love,
mary (and sam)

Maria 1

Maria 2

Maria 3

Maria 4

Maria 5

your Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Yesterday we had a super fun time taking pictures and hanging out with Andrea and Jamie and their beautiful family. You guys rocked! (literally!)

Raven and Scout, I am totally in awe of how you truly shined! I really admire your carefree spirit and curious nature. You both have such a strong and beautiful spirit, so don’t ever change!

Thanks so much, Andrea and Jamie, for being yourselves, you guys are a wonderful couple and such cool parents! Your family has so much personality and you guys have such a strong connection and love for each other it totally shows. We love you guys!

Hope you enjoy these images from your session and we can’t wait to show you the rest!

much love,

p.s. sam is still pulling thorns out of his knees! haha!

Scout in FieldRaven in the band

Scout at beach

Raven on boardwalk

Nordstrand family

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Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Here are a few more pictures we took from Bryanna and Shannon’s session. Molly had her fair share of pictures and she seemed to be a natural too! We are still blown away by how much fun we had and can’t wait to show you girls the rest of your photos!

love, mary

Molly & Brianna

Molly & Shannon

Molly with the girls

your Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

What a perfect way to end the long weekend! Wow, I am absolutely glowing about today’s photo sessions. We had two photo shoots today, one with Bryanna and Shannon and the other with Sara.

Girls, I am so proud of you all and what wonderful personalities you have. You girls had so much fun and your expressions are contagious! Thank you so much for being yourselves and for allowing us to capture your spirit. I love that you are all so different yet have such a young fresh attitude about you and that your beauty truly is from the inside out.

And moms, thank you for trusting us, and for your enthusiasm and support. You both have done such a wonderful job, and being a mom is such a tough job! (and I’m a mom, so I can say this!) You all made our job so worth it! Okay, can I say it again? I am so proud of you girls!

Although we will still be working on the rest of your photos, we wanted to show you a few images from today’s sessions.

much love,


ps. stay tuned for Molly πŸ™‚

shannon with guitar1

shannon with guitar2

Brianna 1


brianna and shannon



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Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

salted parking meter

Hey :[SALTED]:

Wow. My ears are still ringing! But you know what? There is NO better way to watch a concert than up on stage with the band – camera in hand!

You guys rocked the house friday night and I was swept up by the energy of your live show. (I’m sure the audience will agree!) Though I enjoyed all the songs in the set, I think my fav song of the evening was “Love Mysteries”. JC, you’re such a smoothie. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, I’ve just started working on your images and I can’t wait for you to see them. To give you a little taste of what’s to come, I’ve created a small teaser for you guys.

Please be patient with the download times:

Slow Internet Connection

Fast Internet Connection

For the rest of you, if you don’t know SALTED, or haven’t heard them yet, you MUST, got that? MUST check out their live show! For more information, check ’em out at:

your Ottawa Band Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Hey guys.

I bet you’re wondering who that guy with the camera was at your show last Sunday. Well, I’m one of your new biggest fans! I met Denis at the door and he invited me in to have a listen to the show and take some pictures. You guys totally rocked! I love the version of Helter Skelter you did. And what was the song before that? I really liked that one as well! Sorry, I didn’t catch the whole show, but I will definitely try to make it out again.

In the meantime, here are some pics of you guys.

For the rest of you out there, check out Salted at their website:

salted 1

salted 2

salted 3

salted 4

salted 5

salted 6

your Ottawa Band Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

stacy and josh 2Stacy and Josh!

You guys are living proof that all you need is love and fresh air! You were the perfect inspiration I was looking for that day I bumped into you in the market. Thanks so much for stopping and posing for some photos. I’m still grinning from the experience!

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!
These are for you! πŸ˜€


ps. To see your gallery, click on the lifestyles link on our website

stacy and josh 1

stacy and josh 3

stacy and josh 4

stacy and josh 5

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Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Here is a sketch collage we made with a few more images from Matt’s session. What a hottie! It was totally spur of the moment, but totally fun! Thanks so much, Matt for doing this session with us. We’re still trying to figure out how we can load that old sofa on the roof of our car so we can use it again!

Matt’s Session: Scrapblog

You can check out the rest of this session on our website. On the splash page, click to our weddings site, then click on “lifestyle” gallery.

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Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Its been a super busy week but we’ve been thrilled with the feedback from the last skate session. Here are a few more we tossed in for the fans! I’m still blown away by the skating talent we have in these parts. When you fellas make it big, don’t forget about us little guys ok? πŸ™‚

ryan story board

skate 88skate 106

your Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

After years and years of futile attempts, I finally learned to ollie. Well, to be truthful, I know the theory behind it, and I can get a little lift, and once in a while, I can actually land with both feet on the board – well, you get the idea. I suck at skating.

Today, I did what I’ve been wanting to do for years: go to the local skate park and check out the action with my trusty 18-50mm F2.8. I met some guys there who were willing to let me photograph them while they skated. Needless to say, I was blown away. Amazing the kind of talent you’ll find in your own neighborhood.

Thanks, guys for letting me hang with you today. I had a great time capturing you catching big air – and now you have proof that you can clear 3 boards – power stacked!!!

If you’re reading this, leave me a comment.

skate 04
skate 06

skate 09

skate 10

skate 26

skate 27

skate 34

your Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Our new Ottawa Photography Blog

Hey Christine and Marc

You guys did awesome during today’s shoot! I don’t believe you one bit when you say you’re shy in front of the camera… I have pictures to prove it!

We’re so excited about the upcoming arrival of your new baby. We both think its going to be a boy – which would be great company for Marc out in the garage when he’s working on bikes! Ha ha!

Stay tuned, we’ll have your pictures up soon!

~ love Sam (and Mary)

[update: jan 14, 2007] well, we were both wrong. Congratulations, you guys and welcome, little Mia! You’re beautiful and we look forward to seeing you more when it starts to warm up!

Christine flowing hair

Marc and Christine

Jeff and Janice: Only between siblings can you express love with either kisses or headlocks or both. You two seem to have that perfected… especially the headlocks πŸ˜€ Mary and I had a hilarious time with the both of you and we still crack up everytime we see the images. Jeff, hope you get some new socks for your birthday. Happy birthday to you both!!!

~ still crackin’ up, Sam and Mary

Jeff and Janice


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