Sorry for the lack of posts as we’ve been busy with wedding season picking up. On top of that, getting over colds and enjoying the winter had me taking a break from my usual blogging. Here’s a super long post though, so be warned!

For those getting married this year, the Wedding Palace bridal show at the Ottawa Congess Centre was the place to be this past weekend! The place was buzzing with excitement of prospective brides and their friends, vendors, music, fashion shows, food, and all things wedding! It made me want to plan my wedding all over again, well.., almost.

bridal palace 2008 - 15

bridal palace 2008 - 16

bridal palace 2008 - 17

bridal palace 2008 - 18

It was, however, a great chance to meet some of the vendors and fellow photographers in this industry and put faces to the names! A couple of our brides this year was even there, so that was a lot of fun! So here is a quick tour for those who missed it.

This is Sue from Weddingbells magazine who personally invited us and gave us tickets to the show. She is super helpful and overall nice person whom we’ve had the privelege of working with. Thanks, Sue!

bridal palace 2008 - 1

We met Madeleine of Chapeaux de Madeleine, whose hats caught my eye! These are super stylish for weddings and I’ve always wanted to try one on. She was gracious to suit a few on me. Hmmm, so much to choose from…

bridal palace 2008 - 2

bridal palace 2008 - 3

Okay, we absolutely love this chandelier from Party Time Rentals.

bridal palace 2008 - 4

And there was a whole lot of cake! Here’s one from The Icing on the Cake:

bridal palace 2008 - 5

Vietienne from Sentiment wedding cakes had one of the most unique cake designs. They are more like pieces of art as the cakes, designed with architectural elements, resembled towering buildings with intricate work. For the non-traditional bride of course!

We met the talented folks at Starfish who we got along with really well. They are young, fresh and full of creativity. Here is part of the team with their florist, Minoo of Tulipa

bridal palace 2008 - 6

Aaron invited us to take photos of their booth, so here are a few shots that Sam was able to capture of the beautiful details.

bridal palace 2008 - 7

bridal palace 2008 - 8

bridal palace 2008 - 9

bridal palace 2008 - 10

bridal palace 2008 - 11

bridal palace 2008 - 12

Here’s one of Sam with Miv from Miv Photography who does amazing work and we are glad to finally meet. We also met Byron Brydges and his wife, Maureen, but too busy chatting to take a photo. Both are great people and we are glad to be a part of this talented group of photographers.

bridal palace 2008 - 13

Oh, something I’d love to have for my wedding… doves! Right, so no more wedding for me, but I’d love to shoot a couple releasing these beautiful birds this year! Here, our girls are at their first bridal show… we told them they have 40 years to go till their turn!

Dove by Alain of Les Envoleis Blanches

bridal palace 2008 - 14

Well, that’s our scoop on the show this year!

On that note, we want to wish all the best to our brides this year who are planning their wedding, we are honoured to be your photographers and can’t wait for the big day! We love that each bride and couple is unique and has their own style and we’re looking forward to how fun these weddings will be!

If you are a prospective bride and would be interested in booking us as your photographers, we’d love to hear from you and talk more about your wedding! You can visit our website for our portfolio and more information. For pricing and availability, feel free to email us. Hope to connect with some of you soon!

Happy planning!

your Ottawa Wedding Photographer