you don’t have resolutions to break!

It’s already 2008 and life is already better in that we have decided, as we have the past few years, to not be bound to make the traditional new year’s resolutions. No pressure, no guilt. Instead, the new year is a good time to remind ourselves of the lifestyle changes that we choose to live by and work on the rest of the year.

There are a few that come to mind, that being:

* keeping a healthy positive attitude always
* making healthy food choices, but still eating foods we love
* being active and outdoors as much as possible
* having a good balance of work and play

On the topic of being active, Sam and I are starting this year off right and are going to be running with Nike+. In case you haven’t heard, and want to join in the fun, the Nike+ experience involves a Nike+ Ipod Sport Kit, a Nike+ shoe, and Apple’s Ipod Nano.

Nike+ iPod experience

There are tons of reviews on this already, but you can read more on these blogs, here, here, and here to name a few.

Okay, so there are so many great features that attracted me to this, one being that you can track your progress on your computer through your ipod and that is important if you have goals you want to meet. Another, more obvious reason is that it looks fun, so why not?

You just gotta love the branding that Nike and Apple have and now teamed up they have come up with another great idea. We’ll let you know how it goes once we give it a try!

What are your goals or things you want to accomplish this year?

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