Just for fun this past week with all the snow we’ve been having, Sam and I decided as we were driving home one day to do a drive-by shooting (with our camera, of course!) and count all the snow plows we could find. It was only a short 20 minute drive, but we were amazed how many snow plows Sam was able to capture out the window of our car! And with my driving at that!

snow plow 1

snow plow 2

snow plow 3

snow plow 4

snow plow 5

snow plow 6

snow plow 7

snow plow 8

snow plow 9

snow plow 10

snow plow 11

snow plow 12

Apparently, to give you an idea of how important these snow plows are, Ottawa had spent $5 million on the city’s snow removal budget the last weekend alone (with the 37 cm of snow dumped). Two weeks before that, it was $3 million on 25 cm of snow! Click here for the full CBCnews article about it.

So, if you so feel inclined, go thank all those people working hard to get the snow off the roads and make it safer for us to drive! It’s good to be thankful.

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