Well, we got our biggest snow storm of the year (ok, make that the biggest snow storm ever recorded in Ottawa!) yesterday with a record-setting 37 cm of snow in one single day. The most snow that has fallen in a single December snowfall came in 1977, when we received 30.4 cm (taken from the Ottawa Sun). So, I guess we blew that one out of the water!

So here’s the scene (as Sam witnessed and was a part of yesterday): Six guys hovering around a gleaming red, 2-stage, 8 hp Toro snowblower after conguering the snow off one another’s driveways. Each with a beer in their hands, as if they were mighty warriors celebrating their victories, admiring this machine like it was a pimped out 1969 Camaro Z28. Ok, so we live in the burbs and that is pretty exciting!

more snow, anyone?

more snow

the sexy snowblower that started it all.

toro snowblower

beer, snow and more snow… does it get any more canadian than that?

beer and snowblowers

p.s. a big “thank you” to our neighbours for helping to push our car out of the snow yesterday and to Dwayne for helping to dig our driveway out during this storm! you guys all rock!

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