Okay, so we’ve been listening to some pretty mellow stuff, but really this week, sam wanted to share a music video by Foo Fighters, that he really digs. It’s going to be rock out night with sam! For those of you, like me, who prefer the mellower stuff, play at your own risk! jk! (okay, i’m not kidding.)

If sam were to shoot a concert, this is what he would want it to look like! What he loves about this video is the lighting on stage and all the camera angles, which I am beginning to appreciate when I watch these videos. This one is so passionate, you can feel the angst and emotion coming out of your screen and grabbing you! The slow motion part at 2:35 is really cool and the ending is even more climatic. No fancy special effects on this video, yet they managed to authenticially capture the visual spectacle of a rock concert.

So, now you know which one of us is a rocker at heart 🙂 Me, I just roll…

**Click Here** to check out their video.



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