Most years we don’t do a whole lot to celebrate halloween. We are kind of like the scrooges of halloween, no pumpkins carved, no all-things-scary on our porch or house, no trick or treating, not because we don’t like Halloween (cause we both remember it fondly as kids!), but just because we enjoy the Christmas holidays more.

This year it was a good chance to get out and mingle with the neighbours and join in for some good clean halloween fun. We went to an 80’s halloween party and I met Slash (one of sam’s favorite music icon of the 80’s) who incidently also won the “Best Male Costume” of the night. There was also prizes for Best Female Costume and the Best Couples Costume went to the Ghostbusters. The highlight of the night, besides dancing to Thriller, was the Breakdance Competition. Let me just say that we got to see a whole new side of our neighbours that night!

So, I can say that we really enjoyed it this year. I’m realizing it can be more than just about the candy and the packaging and scary ghouly stuff. Trick or treating was a great way to socialize and I am amazed (okay, blown away) and appreciate the creativity that we saw in our streets of kids and adults in costumes and houses that were totally tricked out for halloween.

Halloween Ghosts

Halloween Cat

Slash 80s Party

Happy Halloween!


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