Here are some latest pics of our new office after we moved in. It seems to suit the room so much better that we can’t even remember what it looked like before anymore! It really is amazing how much a space can be transformed. Sam and I are firm believers that the design and function of a room can really change the way you live and work. And we have a feeling this place will be a more efficient, better place to work and hang out . Some of you may know, before photography, this was one of our other passions so it was great to work on something like this.

Welcome to our lounge!

Office Reno 11

Office Reno 12

This is where all the magic happens… 4.27 sqft of LCD, 21 electrical devices, 5 keyboards, 4 mice, about a mile of cable and of course, we can’t forget the remote control mood lighting 🙂

Office Reno 13

Office Reno 14

Office Reno 15

After painting this room, I couldn’t stop, so slowly the rest of the rooms upstairs are getting a new coat of colour as well.

p.s. Don’t leave me alone with a paint brush!


Edited to add: Did I mention, Debbie Travis, is our all time favorite designer/decorator? If we were to hire anyone to do our room, it would be her! So, now you know 🙂 You can check out her website.

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