After a week of sweat (no blood, thankfully, but maybe a few tears!), take-out food and numerous trips to the hardware store, we are so glad to say we made it! I had no idea how good it would feel to complete a project like this together and to now enjoy the fruits of our labour. We are settling in and love our new office space. We’re glad we were crazy enough to do this seeing that this is our first time doing a reno project ever! To us, it really is about overcoming our fear and just going for it. The learning process is what we gained most from this experience and it was actually a lot of fun solving problems and seeing the result in the end. So worth it!

Here are a few quick shots we took along the way: Our project was to combine two small bedrooms into a new bigger space for our office.

Come inside and have a peek!
Office Reno 1

Empty room after we removed the doors and carpets.
Office Reno 2

Taking down the wall was so much fun… a little muscle…
Office Reno 3

…a crowbar and a box of chocolate covered almonds:
Office Reno 4

Office Reno 5

Our friend, Dan, handyman extraordinaire, helped supply the big muscles:
Office Reno 6

Office Reno 7

Office Reno 8

Our future interior designers looking in on the scene and giving us a hand:
Office Reno 9

Office Reno 10

Thank you to all our friends and neighbours who have come to check on us, give us advice, cheer us on and lend us tools! We are overwhelmed by your friendship and support. Will post part 2 next week!


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