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On the weekend, we had a chance to head to the local Fair with some friends of ours for one last ride before the summer was over. Really, we should set aside a budget just for this every summer!

The weather was scorching hot as a usual end-of-July day should be. Our friends challenged us that if they went on one of the fastest spinning rides there, that we would have to go as well. So we took on the challenge! Well, Marc and Christine made it look easy! (Ok, maybe Christine gave it away a little clutching onto the back of the seat so she wouldn’t fly off, but Marc really made it look like a piece of cake!) Our turn came and sam and I couldn’t stop laughing hysterically (or it may have sounded more like screaming from down below!) Sorry no pictures to prove it this time as we decided to leave our cameras at home, but I’m sure you could use your imagination! The ride first spun us backwards really fast into the air and back down to the ground several times. And just when you thought it was going to be over, it flung you forward. The last thing I remember telling sam before we started was, “Honey, I hope you sent off that will!” At least I was smart enough to leave my sandals behind and go barefeet! Christine and I felt pretty sick to our stomachs after that, so it was a good thing we didn’t eat dinner first.

Marc and Christine, you guys totally win! Thanks for a really fun time and hanging out with us at the Fair. It was just what we needed on a hot sunday afternoon.

Note to self: No more spinning rides.

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It’s friday, so here is something new for you to enjoy! Here is what’s playing on our playlist. Sam actually heard this song played at a wedding he photographed last month. We’ll try to post a few photos next week, but in the meantime, you can check out Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol on the video below or purchase it on iTunes.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Last month, we entered another photo contest held within the professional photographer’s community. The theme of the contest was “The New Look of Professional Photography”. They wanted to see what fellow photographers were wearing to shoots to stay modern, stylish, and comfy, while still remaining professional. Well, we couldn’t resist a challenge, so we entered these two photos plus a description… no grand prize, but we were both in the top ten! We were humbled and honoured to be featured in the community of professional photographers, but of course, the fun was in being creative and taking the photos.

First Place – Portraits

Sam Lim

Here’s a shot of me I grabbed right before I headed off to a lifestyle session. Our lifestyle photography tends to lean towards a punchy-funky-retro look and so I try to reflect that in what I wear to the shoots as well.

If I were to name my look, it would be: “El-Camino Surf Cowboy”. Words I would use to describe it are: “vintage, funky, hip with a pinch of grunge”. Key elements include super low-rise jeans, cowboy style shirts and the streaky blond/black hair. Shirts MUST, MUST, MUST have pearl snap-on buttons. They look cool, and they’re easy to rip open if required! *wink wink*

I only choose black flip flops because I think they look the classiest. Oh, and I never leave home without my lucky leather bracelet.

For safety reasons, flip flops are replaced with black leather boots if I ride my vintage, candy-orange, ’72 Honda cb350 out to a shoot.

sam fashion photo

Honorable Mention – Portraits

Mary Lim
Ottawa, Ontario

Here is a photo of me just before a photo session. You’ll find me relaxing in our garage living space. There is music playing in our garage that is hooked up to speakers and our iPod with my favorite music. I like to have 30 minutes before I have to leave for a session to just focus my thoughts and prepare for the session with some “zen” time.

The outfit is one I would wear to photograph a wedding, but could also fit in the portrait category (we also shoot Lifestyle portraits), less the layer of shirt. I would describe this “look” as: light, calm, young and fun. It is based on wearing cool light summer colors, and the light-weight material is important for the layered look.

Accessories like the bead bracelets and long earrings work well to fit the look, as well as the bead and lace details in the camel colored tank give it that extra bit of “pretty” and ties in well.

The pants are a pair of trendy cargos that are classy and the perfect color…different than wearing long pants and gives it a fresh, young look.

Shoes are also an important part of this look, and the dressy sandals fit the look perfectly, but also comfortable throughout a long day.

mary photo fashion

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It has certainly been like a feast or famine on our blog, so thought we’d share some images we took a few weeks back from the carnival or as some would call it, The Fair, while we get caught up on some editing tonight. Rumour has it we’ll also be getting in some samples of our photo books in by end of summer, so stay tuned. We’ll post pictures as soon as we get them in! They are going to look hot! Lots more to come…

In the meantime, hope you are enjoying your summer!

The Fair 1

As a child, what summer is complete without visits to the local fair! The atmosphere is unique and unforgettable. Cotton candy on smiling kids faces, screams and laughter coming from the rides, hot sticky summer days, thirst, line-ups, and music so loud you can hardly hear yourself. From a kids’ perspective, clutching onto your parent’s hand, shuffling through the crowds of legs, the view is not so important as the larger than life rides spinning in the air, the game vendors yelling at you to try your hand at winning one of their stuffed toys. You scout out your favorite ride, in this case, the carousel and ferris wheel, and line up clutching onto your coupon for the ride. It is absolute bliss. You come home tired from all the excitement, noise, sugar (from the half eaten cotton candy). Who knew you could be so happy? Life is as it should be. Simple, childhood fun.

The Fair 2

The Fair 3

The Fair 4

The Fair 5

The Fair 6

The Fair 7

The Fair 8

The Fair 9

The Fair 10

The Fair 11

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Hope you’ve all had a fun packed Canada Day long weekend! Ours was exactly that. Despite having 2 sick kids half way through, that didn’t dampen the fun at all! Okay, not to spoil it for those who love to dip in the pool or hang at the beach, but we actually really enjoyed the cool weather immensely. It was cool for a summer day, more felt like fall, but the air was brisk and clean. The skies filled with ever changing clouds and moods which you can sit and watch all day. You can dress in layers, open the windows wide to let the breeze flow through your house, and spend much more time outdoors without getting too hot and sticky. It was a nice change after some scorching hot days we’ve had the past few weeks.

We’ve got lots of pictures to post and so much we’re working on, it’s hard to keep up with writing them down. We’ll try to keep you up to date on our latest and greatest as well as show you some of the awesome new kick-butt products we’ve got coming in this summer. So, we’re keeping super busy, still, just not so busy blogging.

Will post more pictures tomorrow!

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