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stacy and josh 2Stacy and Josh!

You guys are living proof that all you need is love and fresh air! You were the perfect inspiration I was looking for that day I bumped into you in the market. Thanks so much for stopping and posing for some photos. I’m still grinning from the experience!

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!
These are for you! 😀


ps. To see your gallery, click on the lifestyles link on our website

stacy and josh 1

stacy and josh 3

stacy and josh 4

stacy and josh 5

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Model Search Ad Photo

And finally, the news you’ve all been waiting for… (drum rolls, please…) We have picked three winners for our Model Search 2007 and they are fabulous! Congratulations to Jaden H, Maria O, and Nicole N.

What impressed us about these models are the range of interests, experience, and personalities they each bring with them. We love what they each wrote in their entries and are glad to have them a part of this experience. We are totally excited about the sessions coming up in June! It will be so much fun!

Again, congratulations to our winners and a sincere thank-you to everyone who has entered in this contest. Thank-you for your interest in our work and for your support.

We have had such a great time with this contest. I also have a feeling we’ll be doing a few more contests and random prizes in the near future. Stay tuned here on our blog as we regularly keep you up to date on all our latest news, promotions, contests and happenings. Feel free to leave us a comment if you find something that was interesting to you! We love your feedback and hearing from you! 🙂

Thanks to everyone and have a great weekend!

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Here is a sketch collage we made with a few more images from Matt’s session. What a hottie! It was totally spur of the moment, but totally fun! Thanks so much, Matt for doing this session with us. We’re still trying to figure out how we can load that old sofa on the roof of our car so we can use it again!

Matt’s Session: Scrapblog

You can check out the rest of this session on our website. On the splash page, click to our weddings site, then click on “lifestyle” gallery.

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As promised, here are the other 3 images we entered into photo contests over the weekend:

[Send us a photo of you holding a sign that answers this question “Why I do what I do?” ]

This one was fun to take as we hauled sam’s guitar and amp to fun places and made him try to look cool. We won an honorable mention for this one.
Sam “Why I do what I do”

[Take a photograph of someone over 21 holding a sign that says “what they do as an occupation” The photo MUST be in black and white and the person can’t be in the photography industry.]

We love this picture! We hijacked a garbage truck and made the poor guy pose for pictures. It was the saturday after good friday and he was already behind on his route. Much appreciated though!

“What i do as an Occupation”

[Photo of a guy in jeans and t-shirt. He must be holding a sign with his FIRST name ONLY.]

Here our “guy” Matt in his tee and jeans. Matt is the guy next door. He’s the lead guitarist of his rock band and can be found on hot summer days working on his motorbike. This weekend, we found him in his tee and jeans and grabbed him for a photo shoot before he could get dirty with his bike. This photo also won an honorable mention. Thanks, Matt!

Matt “Guy in jeans and tee”

What a fun weekend! We hope you enjoyed the photos… We learned that to get good at something, you do need to get out there and practice, practice, practice. So true! (but that’s the fun part.)

Enjoy your day!

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This past weekend was the deadline for us to submit photos we had entered in a photo contest just for fun. It gets us off our daily routine and is one way to keep us inspired and creative. Out of 10 contests, we managed to enter only 4.

One of the Contests was to send us a self portrait of yourself, must be in Black and White and recent.

We were very happy with the photos we sent in because we had so much fun making them. We did not expect to win with the thousands of entries that were submitted, but here is the self portrait that won the contest! I was sitting on a couch we found outside in our neighbourhood (also, it was snowing which made it even more fun.. and cold).

Self Portrait by mary

A self-portrait can be as varied and limitless as our imaginations. It is more than a mere mirror reflection. A self-portrait can be an exact likeness or an abstract whirl of thoughts and feelings.

A self-portrait is a person’s vision of themselves.

Congratulations to our Winners- 2,300 entries and it took us 2 days to pick the winners. Shannon Williams & Manuel F Sousa & Mary L & Wynona Robison

Tomorrow i’ll post the other photos we entered… 🙂

It’s been only a week and the entries to our Ultimate Model Search 2007 has been amazing. It’s definitely going to be hard to choose the winners! Thank you to everyone who have sent in their photos. They are fabulous!

Keep it coming!

We will accept entries up until midnight on Friday April 20th, 2007. Winners will be announced here on our blog on Friday April 27th!

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How do you hook up 2 computers to the same set of speakers without dropping a wad of cash on a mixer?

You build your own audio combiner – that’s how!!

All you need to do is go to Radioshack (now called “the Source“) and pick up 3 stereo mini jacks, some wire and four 10KOhm resistors. Pull out your soldering iron and wire ’em up so that they look like this.

audio combiner

Please excuse my totally ghetto drawing. I’m writing this from a computer with no photoshop or drawing tools and had to resort to MS paint.

But anyways this simple circuit will provide the proper loading to your output sources and send a sweet mixed signal to your speakers.

Note that you have to control the individual volumes from each computer as this doesn’t have any faders. If you did want to make this more mixer-like, you could replace the resistors with pots, but then at that point, you’d be better off buying a cheap $30 mixer.

Happy soldering! 🙂

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The Pursuit of HappynessHope you had a wonderful and Happy Easter!

Over the weekend, we managed to watch “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith. It was one of those movies that pulled at your heart strings all the way through! Lots of emotional connections and just an all around great movie. You can pick out so many life lessons. One of the things that stood out for me was the character of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) and how strong he is to persist and persevere over some huge obstacles to pursue a life of happiness with his son. Also, it’s amazing to see the effect and power of money (or lack thereof) and the role it plays in relationships. By far, Will Smith’s greatest performance in our books.

We are fairly selective about what we watch, so this one is definitely two thumbs up!

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What’s Sam and Mary Photography been up to lately? Well, the juicy gossip has it that we’re going to be changing our logo. We’ve been working hard these past weeks on it and can’t wait for you to see it!

We think this logo will suit us a bit more. We wanted to infuse a bit more of Sam and Mary into this new logo and hopefully you’ll dig it (we certainly do!).

Check back soon and tell us what you think!

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Model Search Ad Photo

Need a break from lectures and books?
We are currently looking to expand our portfolio and are giving away a couple free portrait sessions! If you’re up for the challenge, and you fit these requirements, send us an email!

  • must be between ages 18-25 years old
  • your friends consider you good-looking
  • fun, adventurous and outgoing
  • no previous modeling experience required
  • willing to sign photo release form

When: Sessions booked between May & June

Deadline: Entry must be submitted by April 20!

Winners: Will be announced here on our blog on April 27th, 2007.

How To Enter: Submit a recent photo of yourself looking hot (no nudity please) along with your name, age, phone number to:

A complimentary 8×10 from your session will be included.

Serious inquiries only.

Who are we?
We are She played football in college, loves pizza and has a thing for mid century designer furniture. He loves vintage motorbikes, low rise jeans and brick walls with fire escapes and graffiti. Together we love to explore life and are usually found camera in hand capturing details and moments along the way.

Come, check us out.

*We reserve the right to choose contest winners at our sole discretion.

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Its been a super busy week but we’ve been thrilled with the feedback from the last skate session. Here are a few more we tossed in for the fans! I’m still blown away by the skating talent we have in these parts. When you fellas make it big, don’t forget about us little guys ok? 🙂

ryan story board

skate 88skate 106

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