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Hurray! We may be knocking on wood, but everyone’s been healthy this month! We’ll enjoy it while we can. Hope you’re keeping warm and enjoying the long winter. The good news is we have not had to shovel that much snow this year. Enough though, to build our snow fort complete with a 4 ft slide. Yes, oh, to be a kid again!

Renovating! This month we have plans to work on our new website which will hopefully launch whenever we’re satisfied with it (hopefully within a month!). We wanted to go with a new look that more reflects who we are. Check back often, you might not recognize us!


We’re glad to be back from traveling over Christmas. We had a great relaxing time and enjoyed the fairly green Christmas which is unlike most years. Hey, can’t complain… it snowed on Christmas day just how we dreamed! We spent the rest of the holidays sick in bed as we all caught whatever was going around this season.

In other news, we are totally excited about this year and will update you soon on our plans! Stay tuned.

No new resolutions for us this year, just more of what we had in 2006!

~ peace and happiness, sam and mary