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Hey Christine and Marc

You guys did awesome during today’s shoot! I don’t believe you one bit when you say you’re shy in front of the camera… I have pictures to prove it!

We’re so excited about the upcoming arrival of your new baby. We both think its going to be a boy – which would be great company for Marc out in the garage when he’s working on bikes! Ha ha!

Stay tuned, we’ll have your pictures up soon!

~ love Sam (and Mary)

[update: jan 14, 2007] well, we were both wrong. Congratulations, you guys and welcome, little Mia! You’re beautiful and we look forward to seeing you more when it starts to warm up!

Christine flowing hair

Marc and Christine


Wow, I can’t believe the season is over and winter has snuck up on us again! I’m sad to report that my motorbike is now in storage and I’m already dying for spring to arrive so I can ride again.

Here is a picture of my baby.

CB350 with hand

On the other hand, we’re excitedly looking forward to having a break during the holidays to relax with friends and family. Mind you, we’ll probably still be toting our cameras to family dinners and parties… what junkies we are ha ha. We have stockings hung up for the kids and even our cats (Gui and Daisy) and are anticipating a windfall year from Santa (wink wink).

Looking back, we’ve enjoyed so many new experiences and had a chance to work with some really fantastic couples and families. We’d like to take the opportunity to say a huge heartfelt “thank you!” to all of you for allowing us into such important moments of your lives. Far beyond merely documenting the events, we ourselves have been touched by them and your impressions on us will last a very long time. Have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year! God bless!

~ lots o’ love Sam and Mary

Daisy and Christmas Lights

Jeff and Janice: Only between siblings can you express love with either kisses or headlocks or both. You two seem to have that perfected… especially the headlocks 😀 Mary and I had a hilarious time with the both of you and we still crack up everytime we see the images. Jeff, hope you get some new socks for your birthday. Happy birthday to you both!!!

~ still crackin’ up, Sam and Mary

Jeff and Janice


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